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Information about Carports

What is a carport, anyway?

Car-port \ noun \ [kahr pourt, pohrt]

: an open-sided automobile shelter attached to, or by the side of a building intended to protect vehicles, equipment, or machinery from the elements.

Carports have been around for decades, though they have changed with the times of course. Frank Lloyd Wright used them in his Usonian Houses citing their economical price tag and that cars didn't need to be hidden away like carriage horses. 

Carports have evolved over time and now they can be seen across the nation in various forms and uses. The carports at EZCarports are the newest breed of these auto shelters. Rather than wood or aluminum, our carports are made from recyclable steel, are cost effective and can be built in a matter of hours.


We manufacture a 2" x 3" tubular steel frame from 14 gauge steel, making a durable structure manufactured to withstand snow, wind, debris and time. We also integrate an excellent steel frame protection formula called Flo-Coat that adds substantial protection and longevity to your carport.


One of the most well liked features of our carports is that they can be installed on almost any foundation surface, from dirt or grass to concrete or asphalt. You don't have to invest in an expensive concrete slab for these structures, all you need is a relatively flat surface and space.


No matter what you need to protect from rain, wind, snow, pollen, debris, birds, hail, sun, or sand (if you live in the desert or at the beach, you know what this means), a carport will add comfort and ease to your daily routine.


See examples of the three different roof styles available on our carports:


Check out our carport configurator to design and price a carport specifically for your needs, or visit our standard carports page for our most popular models!