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Available Carport Roof Styles

Select From Regular, Vertical, and Boxed Eave style roofs.

An eave style refers to the way the lower edge of the roof is styled, we offer three different styles; regular curved, boxed, and vertical. You can build and design your carport with any of them using our online configurator .

Regular curved eave carport roofs are the most popular roof style we offer. A regular eave roof is one with curves at the eave instead of the square right angle found on the boxed and vertical roof styles.

The boxed eave is a roof style where the roof is squared off in a right angle at the eave. Boxed eave roofs have a metal soffit to keep out weather.

A vertical eave roof style is a version of the boxed eave carport with sheeting that runs from the peak to the eave of the roof. This roof style offers the most weather protection and ensures against leaks.

If you're having trouble envisioning which roofstyle you want for your carport, try visiting our standard carports page to get a better idea before you start designing. And remember to visit our carport locations page to see carports in your area.

Click on an roof style below to explore other carports with these roof styles

carports/regular-roof-carport/regular-single-wide-carport-10x20-ezcarports.jpg carports/boxed-eave/boxed-eave-single-wide-carport-16x20-ezcarports.jpg carports/vertical-roof-carport/vertical-roof-single-quarter-wall-steel-carport-15x25-ezcarports.jpg
 Regular Curved  Boxed Eave (Horizontal Roof)  Vertical Roof