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carports/vertical-roof-carport/vertical-roof-four-car-doublewide-carport-20x40-ezcarports.jpg EZCarports has metal carports in Albemarle NC ! Albemarle is a great home to many, nestled in between Charlotte and the Piedmont-Triad. As we know, it can get hot down in Albemarle, and the baking heat of the sun mixed in with the dirtying qualities of rain (not to mention occational hail) can really do a number on your vehicle.  These are a few reasons why you may want to look into metal carports in Albemarle NC.  Your car is (hopefully) a long lasting investment, and we’d like to help you take care of that investment by protecting it with some of the higher quality metal carports available in the Albemarle area. If you're looking at other locations we serve, check out our carports location list .

We focus on providing industry-leading, quality products; we make our carports with thick galvanized steel to protect from the corrosive effects of weather.  We also make our frames thick and tubular to be able to sustain the weather over time.  We have a wide selection of standard carports to choose from, but we also have a Carport Configurator to help you design and price your own.  Our Configurator is one of a kind, and has the ability to construct a variety of different metal carports in Albemarle NC based on your needs.  We also offer accessories like walls, windows, doors, colors and gables online. If you need help designing your carport you can visit our standard carports page for some inspiration. 


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Explore our site, read some customer testimonials, and begin using the carport configurator to design your very own metal carport in Albemarle NC! So come check us out, or give us a call at 877-204-8816 .